Tornado® BR 16/3 Automatic Floor Scrubber - 3 Gal.

Tornado® BR 16/3 Automatic Floor Scrubber - 3 Gal.

Item # TOR99406

  • The power of automatic scrubbing in a compact package ready for virtually any hard floor surface.
  • Solution/Recovery tanks: 3 gal./3 gal.; Cleaning Path: 16"
  • Brush type: Cylindrical; Brush RPM: 660
  • Brush motor: 1.5 HP/1100W/14A; Vac motor: 0.67 HP/500W/14A
3 Gal., ea
Alternate #99406

This corded electric unit, operates in forward and reverse with a 16" scrubbing path at 660 RPMs. Cleaning approximately 3,200 square feet per hour, your small and congested spaces are clean, healthy and ready for use in no time.


  • Comes standard with brushes, allowing you to replace your standard floor cleaning methods out of the box.
  • Designed for environmental sustainability. The use of cylindrical brushes conserves natural resources including water, solution and source materials.
  • Cylindrical brush technology delivers low moisture deep scrubbing through concentrated brush speeds of 660 RPMs, almost 10 times higher than the speed of comparable rotary brush automatic scrubbers, digging deeper into uneven flooring surfaces to remove d
  • Cylindrical brushes also provide 4-6 times more contact pressure than rotary brush scrubbing, handling any flat or structured floor surface with ease.
  • Removable two-chamber tank system.
  • Adjustable brush pressure.
  • Both the solution and recovery tank are removable for quick and easy disposal of solution.
  • With a simple change of the brushes you can strip hard floors easily!
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